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These theatre history links are included here because of their fine scholarship. The links are assembled in either a General or Period category and where applicable categorized by host country. Websites listed under the General category house numerous links covering a variety of periods of theatre history.


Academy of Theatrical Combat

Bedford/St. Martins Literary Periods

The Costumer's Manifesto

EServer Drama Collection

History of Theatre - Wikipedia

Librarians Index to the Internet: Performing Arts

Project Gutenberg


Theatre History Websites

General: Canada

Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia

Bibliography of Theatre History in Canada

National Library of Canada

Theatre Research in Canada

TheatreBC Links

General: France

Guide to Theatre in Africa and the Indian Ocean

General: Japan

Japanese Traditional Theatre Timeline

General: U.K.

Palatine - Drama, Theatre and Performance Resources

Theatre History Resources

Theatre Journals on the Web


General: U.S.A.

History of the Theatre, 8th Edition. Digital Supplement

Bullfinch's Mythology

Changing Stages: Resources

International Theatre Resources from Artslynx

Librarians Index to the Internet: Performing Arts

Library of Congress

Literary Periods

McCoy's Guide to Theatre and Performance Studies

Native American Theatre

The Online Books Page

Perseus Digital Library

Theatre Database

Theatre History 101

Theatre NetSearch


Theater History on the Web


Women Writers Project


Ancient - Through fall of Rome 476 AD

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World

Ancient: Greece


Hellenic Culture

Ancient: U.K.

The Reception of the Texts and Images of Ancient Greece in late 20th Century Drama and Poetry in English

Ancient: U.S.A.

Didaskalia: Ancient Theatre Today Encyclopaedia Romana

Feminae Romanae: Women of Ancient Rome

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Internet Classics Archive

LacusCurtius - Roman Theaters

Medieval - 477 AD through 1500

Anthology of Middle English Literature

Medieval: Canada

Records of Early English Drama

Poculi Ludique Societas - Medieval and Renaissance Players of Toronto

Medieval: U.K.

Sydney Higgins' Medieval Drama Links

The York Doomsday Project

Medieval: U.S.A.

Catholic Encyclopedia - Miracle Plays and Mysteries

The Early Drama, Art, and Music Project

English Verse Drama Database

Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index

French Medieval Drama Database Project

The Labyrinth

Internet Medieval History Sourcebook

ORB - The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

Renaissance - 1500 through 1660

16th Century Renaissance English Literature

English Literature: Early 17th Century

Renaissance: Canada

Great Books - Baroque Theatre

Poculi Ludique Societas - Medieval and Renaissance Players of Toronto

Renaissance: Italy

Carnival of Venice - Commedia dell'Arte

Commedia dell'Arte Resources

Renaissance: U.K.

17th Century

Renaissance: U.S.A.

La Balet Comique de la Reine - An Analysis

Elizabethan Review

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Development of Scenic Spectacle


Mr. Williams Shakespeare and the Internet

Restoration - 1660 through 1702

Restoration: Czech Republic

History of Theatrical Culture at Cesky Krumlov Castle

Restoration: U.S.A.

The World of London Theatre. - 1660-1800

Restoration: Taiwan

Restoration Drama

18th Century

18th Century: U.S.A.

18th Century Resources - Literature

The World of London Theatre. - 1660-1800

The Parisian Stage During the French Revolution

Romantic Chronology

19th Century

Victorian Database Online

19th Century: Japan

Victoria Research Web

Victorian Websites

19th Century: Singapore

The Victorian Web

19th Century: U.S.A.

British Women Playwrights Around 1800

The 19th Century London Stage: An Exploration

20th Century

20th Century: Canada

The Canadian Theatre Record

20th Century: U.S.A.

Black Theater

Brandeis Libraries Guide

British Drama, 1890 to 1950: A Critical History

History of Performance Studies

International Theatre Design Archive

The New Deal Stage 1935-1939

20th Century Russian Drama




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